Disadvantages of having a tutor

 Tutors are not always a good way to go. Where children are involved, the parents need to be watchful over what the student is learning and if the tutor is effective. 

Tutors can be expensive

Tutors can be expensive. A tutor can cost $10 per hour or $100 an hour. It depends on what the needs are of the student and the experience or education of the tutor. 

 A high quality tutor might just be too expensive for most people. 

a cheap tutor might waste your money

 As the saying goes you get what you pay for. A low cost tutor might not have the education or experience you need. 

 Tutors usually want to be prepaid.  It is a good idea to have a test run of an hour or so to find out if your tutor knows the material before you agree to pay for many hours.

student and teacher don't match

 Different tutors had different styles of teaching. The same can be said about students. And it is also true that some people just don’t get along. 

 If a student and tutor don’t get along certainly the student will not learn much. The student might even drop the class or school entirely if very resentful against the tutor. 


 Mostly this applies to young student. Parents want to be watchful leaving their child to chat an adult. Sad, but not all tutors or teachers can be trusted.

For young students seek extra references or go through a private tutoring  agency vets their professionals. You don’t want someone with a criminal background teaching a child.