finding a tutor

what are the reasons for a having a tutor?

It is a good idea to understand exactly the reasons for having a tutor. 

 Is this just to do well on a test? While doing well on a test is important. This short term learning may be setting the student up for further problems  in what course comes next if this is an indication that the student doesn’t know or understand the material. 

 Maybe to catch up on homework? 

 Is this long term tutoring so the student can improve over all learning? 

 Does the student learn better from a man or woman?

 Should you use another student?  While student studying together can be helpful and lower cost, parents should understand that just because a student understands the material that doesn’t mean they can effectively teach it or related to the problems of other students. 

 How much time does the student have? Can the student set aside enough time to achieve the goals you want to tutor to complete?

 How much is the budget for a tutor? In many cases the who the parents can hire and how long will depend on how much money can be spent on tutoring.